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BJCPThe Ale-ian Society will be sponsoring a BJCP tasting exam in Lubbock in March of 2017. The exact date and time have not been set yet, but it will be on a Saturday. The exam is limited, by BJCP rules, to 12 participants. Seats for the March 2017 will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Please see the BJCP Exam Center for more information about and study materials for the exam.

To sit for the BJCP Beer Judging Exam (tasting exam), examinees must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of legal drinking age (21+)
  • Pass the BJCP Online Entrance Exam NO EARLIER THAN ONE YEAR (March 2016) before taking the exam.
  • Pay the exam fee ($40 for new exam takers and $15 for retakes)

About the Online Entrance Exam

While entrants must pass the online entrance exam no less than 1 year prior to sitting for the tasting exam, the entrance exam is not to be taken lightly. Please be sure to allow plenty of time to study for and to pass the online exam. The exam requires a broad knowledge of beer styles, brewing process, beer faults and BJCP general information and ethics. You may take the Online Exam once per day until you pass it, but know that the exam pulls from a database of thousands of questions. No two online exams are the same. For more information about the BJCP Online Entrance Exam please see the BJCP Exam Center.

You must submit your certificate from passing the online exam at least 1 month before the exam date. Applicants that have not passed the exam at least one month before the exam may, at the Exam Administrator's sole discretion, be dropped and the seat be filled by the next qualified applicant.

Exam Fee Policy

The cost for taking the exam is $40 for first time test takers, and $15 for re-takes or current BJCP judges. Exam fees will be required to be paid in full no later than 6 months prior to the exam in order to secure your seat. Exam fees may, at the Exam Administrator's sole discretion, be refunded only if the vacated seat can be filled.

Tasting Exam Prep Course

A tasting exam prep course will be offered prior to the exam. The course will start approximately 2-3 months prior to the exam, will consist of 8 classes and culminate in a practice exam session. Class topics will include the following:
  • Beer Style Education
  • Sensor and Off-Flavor Training
  • Beer Faults and Solutions
  • BJCP Judging Procedure and Best Practices
  • Practice Judging and Scoresheet Critique
  • Tips and Tricks for Increasing your Exam Score
  • Suggested Homework (e.g. Beer to drink and Score)

More information about the prep course will be available in the second half of 2016.

How Do I Sign Up?

Pre-registration is now open for the exam. If you are interested in sitting for the exam please fill out the form below to reserve your seat. In 2016 we will contact you to confirm your interest in sitting for the exam and to provide payment instructions. More information will be provided as the exam date approaches.

Pay Your Exam Fees

First Time Test Taker?
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